Commoditising geospatial data and solutions

Timely and affordable access to geospatial data is a huge issue. We are solving it with a novel sensor-as-a-service approach.

Multiple sensors

Multispectral (MSI), Hyperspectral (HSI), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Thermal Infrared (TIR) and many more on one screen.

Timely data

Responsive or on-demand tasking delivers data when you need it.

Unprecedented choice

Choice of sensors in standalone or combined in your workflow for every use case.


Our Service


We remove friction in the on-demand collection of satellite data known as satellite tasking. For customers needing to react quickly to events or proactively monitor situations, we provide direct access to multiple sensors and satellite constellations on one screen for tasking, visualising, comparing, and downloading.

On-demand and persistent Earth Observation (EO) made easy with the Sat-Tasking platform.

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Sat-Tasking Platform

Cloud hosted and API driven

We aggregate sensors from multiple operators with a robust set of APIs in a cloud first approach.

Self-service led

The self-service, automated and no-human-in-the-loop platform allows tasking of satellites over your areas of interest at a time of your interest, easily. Better still, you can set up tip-and-cue workflows.

Intelligent analysis

Just visualise or compare and analyse multiple sensor data on the same screen.

Intuitive interface

A single window to task one or more sensors from one or more constellation of satellites. You don't need to be a space nerd.

Affordable pricing

Aggregating multiple sensors with transparent pricing provides with choice and flexibility. There is a sensor for everyone.

Highly secure

Access and data security are paramount. Sat-Tasking is a secure platform with encryption and two factor authentication.

Who we are

We are solving timely access and affordability issues with geospatial data. The earth observation (EO) business models are broken. The gaps between demand and supply of 'tasked data' and data 'haves' and 'have-nots' motivated us to fix these gaps through business model innovation and technology. We are driven by:

Delightful experiences


Global reach; local touch



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